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QR Codes Get Big & Beautiful

jetblue qr codes

Ad for JetBlue Getaways, spotted in a train station

I recently went on a business trip to New York and spotted many innovative ways that designers are using QR codes on traditional billboard ads.

I love how this design for JetBlue Getaways makes the QR code a primary element of the ad. If you look closely, you can see that each square of the enlarged code includes a picture of people on vacation. The actual scannable code is included in the lower-left corner.

While the JetBlue ad caught my eye, unfortunately, it wasn’t very functional. I couldn’t bring up the site on my iPhone, because I was inside a subway. Ah… if only we were in Seoul, Korea, where people chatter and text even in the bowels of a train station.


picasso qr codes

Picasso Exhibit QR code

By far the most stunning example of QR code advertising. The code accesses the website discoverthemaster.com, featuring 15 pieces of Picasso’s art, and a link to buy tickets to the exhibit, which is currently at the Virgina Museum of Fine Arts. A large mural of this can be seen in New York’s Soho district, near Wooster and Grand. When I was in NY, I only saw the beginnings of the mural. I would love to see the finished version; it’s truly a work of art.


picasso QR code mural in Soho

Picasso QR code mural. Image from Gothamist.com

For more images of cool QR codes, check out the Flickr group, QR codes in the Wild.


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