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Combining Two Images in Photoshop

Today, I learned a neat technique of combining two images in Photoshop to improve the overall picture. I’ve practiced this technique four times already today, and it’s great fun.

First, I had this picture of my friend Kiana. I think her face looks very pretty, but I was curious to see if I could combine this with another picture.

photoshop composite exercise

Photoshop composite exercise

I liked her long legs and boots in this pose, but I didn’t think her facial expression worked as well. Because of the differences in size and angles of the two photos, I knew it would be a challenge to make the composite look natural. But with a little patience, I saw how Photoshop can make pretty much anything possible.

Ta-da! Here’s the result:

Photoshop composite exercise

I’m excited to start using this technique for more advanced composites and make some truly stunning images.

Here are the instructions to combine two photographs.

  • Put the pictures in two separate layers.
  • Make the top layer transparent and move it to lay on top of the second image as desired.
  • You can try using Edit > Auto-align to align the two pics. (In the above example, I couldn’t use auto-align, and actually had to rotate the second image so that the position of the head would look natural.)
  • Add layer mask on the top layer.
  • Choose the paint brush. Choose black for color. Adjust hardness to 0 on the brush.
  • Use the brush on the mask.
  • The new face should appear as if by magic.
  • If you find that you’re masking too much, switch the brush color to white and go over the parts of the mask you want to adjust.
  • Try changing the brush size and hardness to 100 to fine-tune the image.
  • For an additional effect, put a levels layer at top and adjust colors.
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