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The Poetry of Construction

December 13, 2013 1 comment

Construction boom in Seattle

Construction is booming in downtown Seattle. Developers are planning to build 42,000 apartment units by 2017. The men work in the open air, rain or shine, and now in frigid weather. I decided to take some pictures to show the poetry of their work.

Seattle construction workers

The guys in the construction site in front of me have seen me working in my office, taking photos of people, drinking coffee, taking yoga breaks. Sometimes one of them will give a friendly wave, but usually, there’s a respectful distance.

Seattle construction worker tethered
The men do strenuous work of lifting heavy weights, hammering, putting floors and ceilings in. They are tethered to prevent them from deadly falls.

Seattle construction worker having lunch
They eat lunch in a room where there are no walls yet.

This crow and I were watching the scene together. In the evenings, we catch the gorgeous sunset.




Thank You, World

September 4, 2013 2 comments

Cannon Beach, image copyright Soyon Im, Green City Pix

Last Saturday, I had a very strange experience in Cannon Beach, Oregon. The area was covered with a thick fog, and it felt like I was on another planet. I could hear the ocean, but could not see it. There were other people, but they were faint figures in the distance, like shadows or ghosts.

I hadn’t gotten much sleep the night before and I was pretty stressed out. I thought the foggy beach was a good metaphor for life: We know what’s ahead of us, but we often cannot see it, nor the people around us.

I wanted to turn around and go home, but because my friend was with me, I mustered a smile and tried not to ruin the moment for her.

I was worried about my business and questioning my life in general. A few months ago, I left my comfortable job in the web industry to pursue photography full-time. I’d saved enough money to do this, but my mind was filled with doubt. What was I thinking? How foolish was I to believe that I would succeed in the over-saturated photo industry?

A few photographers I’ve met have told me it’s a cut-throat field. I don’t want to see it that way. I’m motivated by the joy I get from making good images, but is that realistic?

I dragged my feet across the beach, falling several steps behind my friend. I wrote in the sand, “What next?”

After what seemed like hours, the sun finally came out. I wrote this sign of thanks in the sand.

As I stepped back to take a photo, this man and his daughter unknowingly walked into the shot, making it an even better picture.

It made me really happy to see this scene.

It just goes to prove that when you leave your fears and are instead grateful and open-minded, beautiful things happen.

This was the beach before the fog cleared.
Mist in Cannon Beach, image copyright Soyon Im, Green City Pix

Lost Korean-American Dog

dog speaks korean

Lost dog in Seattle. I wonder if he speaks better Korean than I do.


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Watch Television Inside Mirror

TV inside mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall... why is Anderson Cooper in the bathroom with me?

This plasma TV inside a mirror is in the second floor women’s bathroom at the Time Warner Center in New York. I happened to be there because I’d heard on Foursquare that this was one of the cleanest public toilets in Manhattan. The next time you’re in Central Park and need to pee, stop by and have a look. 10 Columbus Circle, between W. Central Park & Broadway.