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New Big Ads on Facebook

July 14, 2011 1 comment

Larger Ad Types recently seen on Facebook, July 2011
Using IE 8 browser on MacBook Air

larger ads on Facebook

I’ve recently noticed larger ad types popping up in Facebook. Strangely enough, a sales rep who works at Facebook didn’t know about these, until I showed him this screenshot.

The Facebook rep said that I may have installed a plugin allowing these to display from a third party. The ads are not from Facebook. At least one ad is being delivered by AdChoices. I suspect that these new ad types may be one reason why my organization is seeing less ROI on its standard Facebook ads, which look piddly in comparison.

I have been trying to Google how to go about purchasing these new ad types, but I haven’t found any substantive information yet. Does anyone know who sells these larger ads on Facebook? Do you even see them at all?