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Facebook Tutorial – Usernames for Facebook Pages

April 20, 2011 1 comment

Every once in a while, I see an ad that instructs people to go to Facebook and search for blah, blah, blah.

There’s a much better way to promote your business on Facebook: usernames. Usernames for your Facebook page allows you to promote a short and memorable URL. For example, the New York Times has a page at Microsoft has theirs on This eliminates a much longer address that includes a 10-digit number that identifies your page. The Facebook username makes it easy to promote your company on business cards, ads, or by word of mouth.

How to Get a Facebook Username

  1. If you are a page administrator, sign into Facebook and go to your organization’s page.


  2. Click the “Edit Page” button near the top right corner.
    facebook edit page


  3. Click “Basic Information” on the left. Then click “Create a username for this page.”
    facebook create username


  4. Follow the prompts and enter a desired username. You can have the username if it’s not already taken by someone else.

Tips on Choosing a Facebook Username

  1. Facebook usernames cannot be changed once they’re set. Dicuss with your team and pick a name that best represents your organization.


  2. Choose a name that’s easy for people to remember and type.


  3. Be very careful when setting the username. If you mispell it, and confirm the name, you cannot undo the typo.


  4. For more information on usernames, visit the Help Center on Facebook.

Apple’s Facebook Username Fail
When the usernames were first offered by Facebook, there was a mad dash by companies and individuals. Microsoft, New York Times, Gap, etc. have all secured their usernames. I was able to get mine for my personal page at One company however, completely failed in the username game: Apple. is owned by a Chinese girl who looks to be about 7 years old. Apple had to settle for a longer username:

Apple Facebook Fail