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Changing the color of a flower in Photoshop

July 16, 2013 1 comment

changing colors with Photoshop

Ever want to change the color of something in a photograph? This is a Photoshop project that I did some time ago during a plane ride. Changing the color required 4 steps in 3 different layers in Photoshop.

  • Cut out the flower from the background and put it in a second layer.

  • Make the first layer black and white.

  • Cut out the center of the flower from second layer, put that in the third layer. Keep that as yellow.

  • Go back to the second layer, play with the hue bar in Image > Saturation.

Here’s the original image, which was taken with an iPhone 4S. I think either one of the edited pics is more interesting than this one. What do you think?