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Changing the color of a flower in Photoshop

July 16, 2013 1 comment

changing colors with Photoshop

Ever want to change the color of something in a photograph? This is a Photoshop project that I did some time ago during a plane ride. Changing the color required 4 steps in 3 different layers in Photoshop.

  • Cut out the flower from the background and put it in a second layer.

  • Make the first layer black and white.

  • Cut out the center of the flower from second layer, put that in the third layer. Keep that as yellow.

  • Go back to the second layer, play with the hue bar in Image > Saturation.

Here’s the original image, which was taken with an iPhone 4S. I think either one of the edited pics is more interesting than this one. What do you think?



The beauty of minimalism in photography

Bird and Mountains, black and white

This is a picture I edited a few months ago. I really like the minimalist composition and the crisp contrast between the black and white. I used the Snapseed app to achieve this effect, but this could be done easily on Photoshop and other editing tools too.

The original picture was in color and taken with an iPhone 4S. It was around sunset time, and it was one of those glorious days with no clouds in the sky. Problem is, since there were no clouds, there was no texture in the sky, and the overall picture looked kind of bland.

I also tried boosting the saturation to really bring out the sunset colors, but I think the black and white version turned out better. My friends on Instagram seem to agree. What do you think?

bird and mountains, color

bird and mountains, unedited