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Mobile Surge – Over 14% on Smartphones and iPads

April 12, 2011 2 comments

Mobile web traffic has increased dramatically during the first quarter of 2011. In March, a whopping 14.7% of visitors to the website I manage came from a mobile device.  This is a huge increase from the previous quarter: In December 2010, 9% of the site traffic was mobile. Engaging the mobile audience is a top priority in my org, and it should be a top priority for your company too.

Top Mobile Devices used by visitors to my org’s website, March 2011

mobile devices march 2011
5,054 Mobile Visits during March 1-30, 2011; 35,576 visits total

Considering that Android runs on one out of every three phones, these numbers shouldn’t come as a surprise. Yet, I was surprised that Android came out on top. I personally use an iPhone and all my friends do too—or so it seems. Just goes to show you that personal observation doesn’t measure up to real numbers. According to Gartner, Inc. the Android OS is expected to run on half the smartphones by 2012. If you’re developing a mobile site now, make sure to test it with an Android emulator, in addition to the iPhone.