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Ten Kisses

As a wedding photographer, I end up taking a lot of romantic shots. The couples who hire me are usually marking a milestone in their relationship–an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, the impending birth of their baby–and their joy of being with each other shines through. They often speak intimately, laugh, embrace, and kiss. A lot.

As a photographer, I am truly inspired when I see this kind of intimacy between a couple. Sometimes, I get a lump in my throat. It’s one of my favorite aspects of my work, to capture people’s love and happiness in beautiful images. Here are 10 of my favorite kissing scenes that I had the pleasure of capturing recently.












The Poetry of Construction

December 13, 2013 1 comment

Construction boom in Seattle

Construction is booming in downtown Seattle. Developers are planning to build 42,000 apartment units by 2017. The men work in the open air, rain or shine, and now in frigid weather. I decided to take some pictures to show the poetry of their work.

Seattle construction workers

The guys in the construction site in front of me have seen me working in my office, taking photos of people, drinking coffee, taking yoga breaks. Sometimes one of them will give a friendly wave, but usually, there’s a respectful distance.

Seattle construction worker tethered
The men do strenuous work of lifting heavy weights, hammering, putting floors and ceilings in. They are tethered to prevent them from deadly falls.

Seattle construction worker having lunch
They eat lunch in a room where there are no walls yet.

This crow and I were watching the scene together. In the evenings, we catch the gorgeous sunset.



Lost Korean-American Dog

dog speaks korean

Lost dog in Seattle. I wonder if he speaks better Korean than I do.


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